Ed Steckley - The Psychology of Caricature - Tuesday 3:00pm











Why do we draw the way we do? 

Though caricature, by definition, is an editorial comment and statement by the artist on on a subject, personal biases and preconceived notions about a face or individual person can be a hindrance to a caricature artist (and sometimes can be used as a crutch!). 

Being able to more accurately think through the often-times unconscious process of making a caricature ‘work’ will result in a more successful end result: a truer depiction of the subject.

Ed will attempt to bring to light the deeper aspects of caricature, going beyond just paying attention to facial features in front of you.  By incorporating human elements; a persons gestures, mannerisms, personality, etc., we can help bring more to a likeness and hopefully create a better caricature.




Court Jones - Digital Caricature Illustration in Photoshop Wed 11:00 am

Painting digitally can offer a faster cleaner way to create
illustrations and fine art caricature portraits.
Just knowing a few tricks and techniques will help you
get started working in this dynamic medium, so.
that you can achieve painterly and illustrative effects that simulate
traditional media like oils, watercolors and acrylics.
In this workshop, Court will demonstrate how to set up and customize
some of the tools in Photoshop, and will take you through the process of creating a caricature illustration in a step-by-step fashion.
He’ll discuss some of the general issues involved with painting
and rendering while he works, and will also take questions during that time.
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Jay Leno









"Okie Artist"- Marketing/Discussion Group -

Take it to the next level and MARKET YOUR TALENTS

Inking is an art form rich in tradition in the cartooning and comic book world, and becoming lost in the digital age. Tom's inking workshop will take the participants through the creation of an inked caricature illustration on bristol board. After the class sketches out their caricature based on supplied references, Tom will work with everyone on finishing the illustration using a variety of inking techniques including use of dip pen, brush and crow quills. He will also go over concepts like spotting blacks, line weight, use of light and implied line and many other tips and tricks.

We hope you will enjoy getting hands on instruction from a master.


Tom Richmond - Cartoon Inking Workshop Tuesday 7:00 pm

Bring the following, or purchase a complete set of supplies onsite for $17.00:
- Pen nibs: Bring any drawing nib you would like to use. Crow quills, copperplate, etc. Do not bring any "lettering nibs". Supply package includes two Gillott 303 nibs.

- Pen Holder- Bring appropriate holder for your pen nibs. Supply package includes one universal acrylic holder.

- Brush- Bring a round #2 sable or synthetic watercolor brush. Supply package includes a Princeton synthetic #2 brush.

- Ink- Bring a black waterproof ink, india or acrylic based is best. Supply package includes a 1 oz. bottle of Pelikan's Drawing Ink A.

- Board- Bring at least one large piece of bristol board, 3 ply or heavier, either vellum or smooth. Supply package includes a 15" x 22" 4 ply Strathmore 400 series board.

Also suggested: lap or drawing board, metal straight edge ruler, rag or paper towels, water rinse cup, apron or clothing protection.