Special Offers For Members of the NCN

Tombow Duel Brush Pens -  List price $2.70@

Special NCN Member Price -$1.50@

from PenwaGifts


Effective immediately, all NCN members have access to Fractured Atlas,

a non-profit organization that provides services and support to artists and arts organizations.

Joining up with Fractured Atlas costs individual artists $75 per year.

However, the NCN has arranged for you to receive an associate membership with Fractured Atlas for FREE!

That's right! Now you can get almost ALL of their benefits at no extra cost just for being an NCN member.

Some of the many benefits include:

  • Healthcare Plans
  • Liability Insurance
  • Marketing & Promotional Support
  • Job Bank

It's all just waiting for you to join at www.fracturedatlas.org/caricature Sign up now!




SixthStar Would you like to take a CRUISE?

Sixth Star offers cruises to Caricature Artists, Facepainters, and Balloon Artists at $30.00 per day. Cruises go to the Caribeen, South America, Alaska, the Mediteranian, all over the world.You are required to work about 2 hours per day, and you may take a guest with you at no additional cost To apply, go to www.sixthstar.com and fill out the application.









Other Caricature Materials and Supply Sources

For Bags (clear plastic on cardboard spine -Cotton Candy Bags)

JeppiNut Company 1-800-244-4172

www.instawares.com (cheaper)

  For Printing Caricature Borders

Call Dawn at Froesel Printing  314-961-6133 (Brentwood)