More details

Golden Archy, Silver Archy, Bronze Archy

Best color, Best B&W, Funniest

Best Wall Presentation

Best Party Style (under 8 minutes) -head and Shoulders

Best Party Style - Body Situation (We will provide 5 choices to choose from)(under 10 minutes)

ST. Louis Favorite - will be given by the St. Louis Chapter (and Voted on By the St. Louis Chapter only)

Planned Side Trips

Sunday 1:pm approximately

City Museum Excursion Led by Court Jones

Court Jones Says "City Museum is Friggin AWESOME! If you have a chance, you must go. Don't Google it, or look it up to see what it's about first. Just go. And wear clothes that you don't mind getting a little messed up."

If you want to take this trip but can't get here in time but will be in soon after, let us know. Arrangements can be made!



Current Attendee List

(as of 2/03/08)and many more have promised but not registered yet

Tom Richmond
Court Jones
Leah Lynn
Zack Ford
Jim Parrish
Mike Dooley
LaVerne Emanuel

Bob East
Debra Donnely
Tad Barney
Paul McCall
Debbo Burmeister
John Read
Or Weitzman (From Isreal!)
Nathan Lynn
David"Bippy" Boyer
Julie Tucker
Mel Lothrop
Angel Contreras
Marlene Goodman
Ryan Roe

George Malek

Frank Zieglar

Brett Hiorns


Ed Steckley
Share Faerber
Teresa Farington “Okie”

Deanna Nash
David Fliss
Jason Cross
Eve Myles
Joey Hetzel
Adam Pate
Colin Adams
Angie Jordan
Joe Bluhm

Alison Gelbman
Rich Nowak
Michael Kuznar
Tim Smith
Jeremy Townsend
Brian Vasilik
Dan Laib
Jerry Dowling

Eugene Ruble

James Hungaski, Jr.
Robert Asher
Loren Bernsen
Chris Galvin
Emily Anthony

Marlo Meekins
Takayuki Watanabe (From Japan!)
Ryuji Imada (From Japan!)
Kathy Bailey
Kristen McCabe
Ellen Lustig
Cynthia Valenti
Sukdith Punjasthitkul

Bill Michel

Nick Valenti

Bill Baunach
Martha Watson
Colin Harris

Rick Wright

Maria Sturman

Airport Arrival Times -we will post these as we know them


Alison Gelbman 8:45 am

Colin Harris and Wife 11:40 am Main Terminal

Emily Anthony and Marlo Meekins 11:40am American

MC Sturman 12:00 noon Southwest (East terminal)

Chris Galvin 12:07 Southwest (East Terminal)

Angie Jordan 12:07pm

Loren Bernsen 2:55pm

David "Bippy" Boyer - 4:10pm American

Rick Wright - 8:45pm

 Joe Bluhm - 7:45 pm US Air


Ellen Lustig 8:50 Am Southwest (East Terminal)

Pattrick Harrington 11:40 AM American


Please email me if you have registered and are not on the list!